Alittlemorebyamy is not just another "blog" it is a website where Amy Todd unlocks her secrets to her accessible personal style, textured interior projects, quick delicious recipes, natural health & beauty tricks and city dairies. 

Amy is confident, relaxed and down to earth woman. She is a passionate photographer, stylist and personal stylist. You will always see her dressed in a casual tom boy style with a hint of glam.

She has a passion to inspire others to live and grasp hold of the simple life tools she lives by and constantly learning. 

Living in Auckland, New Zealand where she is creating everyday whether it is with food, clothing or interior. She is all for Jin Shin Jystu which is an ancient acupressure that clears the blocked energies (acidity) in our body. 

Her mission is to inspire women to embrace them selves, their own style and live a simple and easy lifestyle (acidity free).



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