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Tonight I have had the most relaxing night, I finished work, came home and started cooking tomato, lentil and kale soup to pair scrumptiously with the dark and gloomy weather. I have finally got to the end of my flu, which I have now past on to my boyfriend and sister (Sorry, not sorry). I moved on to organising our (Tom and I's) lunches for tomorrow which is left over soup and lots of oranges to get more vitamin C into our bodies. We ate our warm dinner over candle light to help us relax completely. (I would have shown you our dinner on Instagram but in the winter there is no natural light by the time I have dished it up, which is vital).

Top | Isabel Marant   Skirt | Maurie & Eve   Shoes | Adidas    Shirt | Workshop

I have a secret to tell you about this post...

My crop top is a scarf! Did you figure that out or not? This scarf is my absolute favourite item in my closest at the moment. Obviously I wear it as a scarf in the Winter but when Summer comes around this will definitely be my go to top over a bikini or out for lunch. It is an easy alternative to a tee or shirt and it pairs nicely with a high waisted pencil skirt or jeans. Throw a shirt or blazer over your shoulders and wear with casual shoes.

The one thing I have learnt is, if you are ever buying an expensive item make sure it is simple & timeless. You will never have trouble putting it away for a season and then bringing it back.