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When it gets colder it calls for some winter essentials that really keep you warm, not those cotton t-shirts or the polyester knit jumpers. Come on! you need to keep yourself warm to stay healthy and at your optimum. After you have got your WARM essentials then go out and make sure you pay less for the latest trend items (Glassons, Topshop, Cotton on, Wild Pair, Asos, etc ) that you are dying to get your hands on.

The way I see it is that trends come and go, you can only wear the trends X amount of times (by trends I mean the ones that are not timeless e.g. brand prints) because majority of the time you are bound to get sick of them. Do not get me wrong I love the trends and things and I am always in on the trends but I would rather spend more money on things that I will have forever. 

Below are my recommendations for where I think we should all spend more money to get better quality and will last you a long time.


(All in neutral colours so they are more timeless and you wont get sick of)

  • Black or navy blazer a classic style 
  • Leather jacket - for a more casual look (if this is your style)
  • Long Woollen Coat (3/4 length one as these will be in fashion for ever, of course it will come and go)
  • Cream and black wool singlets (to where underneath a tee shirt or stylish top)
  • 100% Wool or Cashmere Turtle neck jumper or sweater (you will never ever loose on these bad boys)
  • Fur Vest (They look amazing over a long sleeve or underneath a blazer or jacket)
  • Comfortable ankle boots (Ankle boots will always be a goodie make sure they are not too seasonal though)
  • Woollen Beanie or Hat (It will keep you warm make sure you purchase a colour that suits your skin tone)
  • Black, white and denim pair of comfortable jeans (Style which suits your body shape)

I have had these:

  1. Boots for about 5 years and I still love them, I wear them every winter and they are still in good shape.
  2. The jacket which I brought 2 years ago and still love it, just a Zara purchase!
  3. The baggy white jeans are from Bassike and I brought them about 4 years ago, I think. 

So, goes to show that you can buy items and still look stylish in them 5 years down the track. Just make sure, they suit YOU & YOUR BODY SHAPE!