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I never really stop and look at the season changes, but my Mum is one to keep a close eye on them. This is something I need to keep teaching myself to do. We drove to Cornwall Park in Auckland the other day and it was the most beautiful Autumn setting - a windy pathway with these massive bare trees on both sides of the pathway and a sea of the trees yellow leaves, we wanted to stay their all day and take photos of our dogs, my outfit and just the leaves. 

Blazer | Alexander Wang   Long Sleeve | Bassike   Skirt | Bali Random    Jeans | Acne    Shoes | Converse   Bag | ZARA  Scarf | Isabel Marant

That day I thought how black outfits are always the hardest to shoot in an every day backdrop so what better way to stand out in a black outfit right? I have always believed that when you wear black it's important to wear textures to create a bit more of an interest. This outfit I have pair my acid wash black denim jeans with a lined textured skirt and a black silk blazer, these 3 simple textures all complement each other so well.Next time you go to put a plain black outfit on remember to add another texture or some statement accessories.

Tonight I am off to bed with my favourite magazine Renegade Collective after a day of organising everything in my house (the label machine was definitely my best friend). I honestly get so inspired by all the amazing entrepreneurs in the world, it always reminds me to just keep pushing for my dreams to be reality. Have you read it? If so tell me your favourite story below.