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On a cold winter evening I was treated with an all natural holistic facial by the delightful Katie from the Tonic Room. It was the best way to finish off a busy short week.

They greeted me with a scrumptious calming, floral and naturally sweet herbal tea, followed by some questions about my skin and then on to the amazing facial. There was a mixture of soft music playing (including Angus & Julia Stone my favourite), I felt right at home especially with calming interior.


I have had facials before and this one was truly my favourite, I will be heading back for sure. Katie did the most insane head and shoulder massage, she used a soft brush technique to apply the mask, honey mud and cleansing cream (it felt amazing). I just wanted to lick my face when the natural smells of honey, cacao and vanilla bean were being applied.

Your skin is like an alarm, if something in your body is unwell or not functioning right it will show up on your skin as a signal. That is why the Tonic Room's holistic facials are fantastic because if you are have any worries about your skin they can figure out what your body needs to repair it's self. They can help you to find a natural product that suits your skin type, so your skin looks and feels it's best or can refer you on to their nutritionist


Definition from the dictionary

Medicine characterised by the treatment of the whole person.

They used on my skin:

MV Organics Cleansing cream

May Lindstorm toner and Honey Mud

Tonic room clay - Sensitive Pink mask containing peach pectin.